Muziek op de Dommel cannot exist without the help of volunteers and because of that we are looking for people that want to help us during the next edition of the festival.


As a festival, we greatly value the help of our volunteers. Since the festival is free to all visitors, we depend on many enthusiastic volunteers to be able to pull the event through. Your contribution really makes a difference. It is a lot of fun working on our team of volunteers and besides that, you will gain experience in working at one of the most appealing cultural events in Eindhoven. Of course we provide food & drinks, you will receive a nice t-shirt and you are cordially invited to the Muziek op de Dommel volunteers barbecue!

Volunteering positions

We are looking for volunteers for various positions. We have briefly described the tasks for each position below. On you registration form you can let us know which position(s) you prefer.

  • Terrain crew (before & after the festival)
    As a member of the terrain crew you take care of preparing the festival terrain before the festival and bringing back the terrain to its original state after the festival. Tasks vary from surrounding the terrain with fences to loading and unloading supplies, hanging up sings, cleaning the area and guarding the entrance ways and the bicycle parking areas.
  • Terrain crew (during the festival)
    During the festival you will take care of the festival terrain. You will be preparing the festival area (hanging up sings, making sure all supplies are in the right place etc.) and you will make sure the festival area stays clean and safe. In the evening, you will clean the festival area and make sure it is all prepared for the next day.
  • Audience crew
    As part of the audience crew, you are the face of the festival. You welcome the audience to the festival, you register the amount of visitors and you hand out festival programs. Besides that you also provide the audience with information on directions and the program.
  • Information desk crew
    The information desk is the place where visitors will go to if they have any questions. The lost and found is also situated here. You provide the audience with information about the festival and have the answer to (almost) all of their questions.
  • Backstage crew
    The backstage crew welcomes the musicians and accompanies them during their stay at the festival. It’s your job to make sure the right musicians are at the right stage at the right time. Besides that, you can also be asked to watch the instruments storage, where musicians can leave their instruments while they are not playing.
  • Stage crew
    As a member of the stage crew you will be working as a stagehand on the main stage or on one of the other stages. You prepare the stage for the musicians and make sure the concerts start at the right time. For this position we prefer to have someone who has experience as a stagehand or who can read sheet music (turn pages for the musicians, if needed).
  • Catering crew
    The catering for volunteers is provided by volunteers. The festival is made possible by numerous volunteers. For that we are creating a catering team.
    The public catering on site is carried out under the guidance of a professional company. They are also supported by volunteers from the catering team.
  • Flex crew
    A festival is a dynamic environment and even though we try to prepare everything in advance, sometimes situations arise that require more help than expected. The people in flex crew will be the ones to jump in at any task, when needed. Being part of the flex crew means that you will not know exactly what your shift will look like: you can be welcoming visitors at one point in time and the next moment you can be carrying chairs from one stage to another. For us, the people in the flex crew are very much appreciated, since you help us out when we most need it.

Would you like to be part of our team?

You can sign up as a volunteer via the form on our website. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our volunteer coordinator via

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